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North Lenoir Fire & Rescue Takes Delivery of New Thermal Imaging Camera

msaevolution6000North Lenoir Fire & Rescue recently took delivery of a new MSA Evolution 6000 Plus Thermal Imaging Camera. The Evolution 6000 Plus meets the new NFPA 1801 standard, and offers enhanced features; including best in class image quality, a rugged/lightweight design, and a laser pointer/range finder.

A Thermal Imaging Camera is a device that allows the operator to see areas of heat through smoke, darkness, or heat-permeable barriers to find a victim or fire. Thermal Imaging Cameras can be used to find downed victims or missing persons, save lives of firefighters, and to prevent or extinguish fires by detecting hot spots and potential hazards.

A portion of the funds to purchase the new Thermal Imaging Camera were provided by a $2,000 grant from Tri-County EMC. North Lenoir Fire & Rescue now has a total of 5 Thermal Imaging Cameras in service.