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North Lenoir Fire & Rescue Adds New Trucks to Fleet

NorthLenoirNewTrucksThe North Lenoir Fire & Rescue Department recently added two new trucks to its fleet: a 2013 Pierce Commercial Cab 1,000 gallon pumper-tanker, and a 2013 Pierce Commercial Cab 2,100 gallon tanker.

These new trucks will replace aging equipment, a 1998 Pierce Custom Cab Pumper that was sold to the Snow Hill Fire Department and a 1987 Pierce GMC Standard Cab Tanker.

“With the addition of these two new trucks, we will be able to better serve our community and get more water to locations that are not equipped with fire hydrants during an emergency,” said Brian Wade, North Lenoir Fire & Rescue Chief. “3,100 gallons is a substantial amount of water to be able to take to a fire where hydrants are sparse or not available.”

North Lenoir Fire & Rescue personnel recently received training from Pierce Manufacturing on the new apparatus, and the trucks have been outfitted with all necessary fire fighting equipment. The new trucks are expected to be in service for approximately 20 years.