Fire Camp
September 18th-21st, 2014
NLFR Station 1
2147 Fred Everett Road
Kinston, NC 28504

Fire Camp Flyer (please print and hang at your station)
*All participants must register – classes offered on a first come/first serve basis*
Registration Deadline: September 1, 2014

North Lenoir Fire & Rescue is partnering with Lenoir Community College to bring you Fire Camp, a unique local training opportunity offered in September. Fire Camp is open to any member of a fire or rescue organization, regardless of department or county. Lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday. We are excited about offering the following classes:

Emergency Vehicle Driver – FIP 3601 (20 hrs) | 24 total slots available
*Please note that if you take EVD, you will be required to attend all 4 days of Fire Camp and will not be able to take any additional classes due to time constraints.
Thursday, September 18th (7pm-10pm)
Friday, September 19th (7pm-10pm)
Saturday, September 20th (8am-4pm)
Sunday, September 21st (8am-4pm)

Salvage – FIP 3314 (6 hrs) | 16 total slots available
Thursday, September 18th (7pm-10pm)
Friday, September 19th (7pm-10pm)

Overhaul 1 & 2 – FIP 3315 (6 hrs) | 16 total slots available
Saturday, September 20th (9am-4pm)

Foam Fire Streams – FIP 3312 (6 hrs) | Class is full
Sunday, September 21st (9am-4pm)

Advanced Courses for Firefighters

*Full turnout gear, SCBA w/ spare cylinder, NFPA 1403, and written approval from your Chief are required for these courses. Fire Camp Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed by your Fire Chief and submitted prior to participating.

Block 1 (Saturday, 8am-5pm) | 16 total slots available

Flashover Recognition
Participants will gain an enhanced knowledge of fire behavior with an emphasis on factors leading to the potential of flashover. Firefighters will be introduced to flashover conditions in a controlled environment.

VES is widely misunderstood and underutilized. When used properly, VES is the safest and most effective way to search a building. Participants will learn how to utilize VES tactics in a safe and efficient manner to maximize effectiveness on the fireground, and increase the potential of saving trapped victims.

Block 2 (Sunday, 8am-5pm) | 16 total slots available – Cancelled due to a lack of interest

Thermal Imaging Concepts
Course will cover basic thermal imaging techniques with a focus on hands on training. Participants will be exposed to operational terms, uses, and limitations of thermal imagers.

Rapid Intervention Team Basic Principles
Participants will learn how to prepare for and respond to firefighter rescue situations and mayday transmission with a focus on practical skills, such as RIT search, firefighter packaging, drags and carries, window removals, and the Denver Drill.

Please share this information with members of your department. We are looking forward to an excellent training event! For questions or concerns, please contact North Lenoir Fire & Rescue Training Captain Steven Miller, 252-939-5324.